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Basic Screenwriting

Class Description:

From Idea to Completed Script

Includes structure, scene cards, storyboards, set ups, payoffs, subplots, character development, research, format, dialogue, hiding exposition, buttoning scenes, how to write great openings, great endings, big moments.  How to make ‘em laugh and cry.  Selling, Marketing.  Agents, producers, deals, WGA, breaking in.  Everything you need.

Writers welcome at every level of experience from novice to pro.

Come prepared to work hard and break through!

Make it happen!

The classes are held twice a year and meet on Saturdays.

Now available from anywhere, as the class will be held on Zoom until further notice. Cost of the class is $595.

Students start with an idea or a script in progress. At the end of the class students submit a draft of a screenplay. Cynthia then reads the completed script and gives the student: written, professional “Script Doctor” feedback.

In past classes, students have ranged from first time screenwriters to writers working on a second or third script.  Many have gone on to successful careers in screenwriting and writing for television.

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