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Scripts Produced

I just got to watch my 29th script be filmed. This is a list of the scripts I’ve sold that have been produced. 

    (2006) “Dream Me A Murder” (Lifetime TV) (Teleplay)
    (2004) Caught in the Act (TV) (story) (teleplay)
    (1999) Selma, Lord, Selma (TV)
    (1998) Emma’s Wish (TV) (story) (teleplay)
    (1998) Best Friends for Life (TV) (teleplay)
    (1995) Degree of Guilt (TV) (teleplay)
    (1995) Buffalo Girls (TV) (teleplay)
    (1991) Mark Twain and Me (TV) (written by)
    (1991) Guilty Until Proven Innocent (TV) (written by)
    … aka Presumed Guilty
    (1990) When You Remember Me (TV) (written by)
    (1990) Follow Your Heart (TV) (teleplay)
    … aka Walk Me to the Distance
    (1989) I Know My First Name Is Steven (TV) (teleplay)
    … aka The Missing Years
    (1988) Body of Evidence (TV)
    (1986) One Terrific Guy (TV)
    (1983) Jane Doe (TV) (as Cynthia Mandelberg)
    (1983) Grace Kelly (TV) (written by) (as Cynthia Mandelberg)
    … aka The Grace Kelly Story (USA: video title)
    (1982) Not in Front of the Children (TV)
    (1982) Eleanor, First Lady of the World (TV) (as Cynthia Mandelberg)
    (1981) Leave ’em Laughing (TV)


    (1998) Emma’s Wish (TV) (co-producer)
    (1995) Degree of Guilt (TV) (co-producer)
    (1991) (TV) Guilty Until Proven Innocent (co-producer) … aka Presumed Guilty


    (1982) “Looking Glass” Produced Off Broadway, Entermedia Theatre, June 1982. Starring John Vickery. Directed by David H. Bell, co-written with Michael Sutton(1987) “Look Away” PBS. Starring Ellen Burstyn and Madge Sinclair. (Television adaptation of the play by Jerome Kilty.) Emmy nomination for teleplay.


    (1995) “Buffalo Girls” Writer. From the novel by Larry McMurtry. Produced by Suzanne de Passe for C.B.S. Starring Anjelica Huston, Melanie Griffith, Reba McEntire, Gabriel Byrne, Sam Elliott, Jack Palance and Peter Coyote. Aired April 30 and May 1, 1995. (Four hours) Nominated for eleven Emmy Awards including Best Miniseries.(1989) “I Know My First Name Is Steven” Co-writer. N.B.C. Aired May 22, 23 1989.
    (Four hours.) Starring Arliss Howard and Cindy Pickett. (Emmy nomination, best miniseries, best teleplay)

    (1995) “Degree of Guilt” Writer/co-producer. NBC. Four hours. From the novels by Richard North Patterson. Aired October 29 and 30, 1995. Starring David James Elliot, Sharon Lawrence and Daphne Zuniga.

    (19xx) “Sinatra” (uncredited) Worked with Tina Sinatra and Mr. Sinatra for 7 months.
    Revised William Mastrosimone’s 8 hour script to 5 hour shooting script. Winner of the Emmy for Best Miniseries.


    (2006) “Dream Me A Murder” Lifetime T.V. Shooting March 20, 2006(2004) “Caught in the Act” A wheel of movies for Lifetime. Premiered May 10, 2004. Starring Lauren Holly.

    (1999) “Selma, Lord, Selma” ABC. Aired Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 17, 1999. Based on the book by Sheyann Webb and Rachel West Nelson. Introduced by Coretta Scott King. Nominated NAACP Image Award

    (1998) “Best Friends For Life” Writer. CBS. Aired Jan. 18, 1998, starring Gena Rowlands, Linda Lavin, and Richard Farnsworth. > Based on the novel “Life Estates” by Shelby Hearon.

    (1998) “Emma’s Wish” CBS. Writer/Producer. Aired October 1998. Starring Joanna Kerns and Della Reese.

    (1994) “The Search For Grace” Executive Producer. CBS. Starring Lisa Hartman Black and Ken Wahl.

    (1991) “Mark Twain and Me” Writer. Disney Channel. Starring Jason Robards as Mark Twain. Directed by Dan Petrie, Sr. Winner, Emmy Award and Cable Ace Award, Best Children’s Program.

    (1991) “Guilty…Until Proven Innocent” N.B.C. Writer and co-producer. Starring Martin Sheen and Brendan Frasier.

    (1990) “When You Remember Me” A.B.C. Co-writer. Aired October 7, 1990. Starring Fred Savage, Kevin Spacey and Ellen Burstyn.

    (1990) “Follow Your Heart” N.B.C. Co-writer. Starring Patrick Cassidy and Frances Sternhagen.

    (1988) “Body of Evidence” C.B.S. Writer. Produced and directed by Roy Campanella, II. Starring Barry Bostwick and Margot Kidder.

    (1986) “One Terrific Guy” C.B.S. Writer. Starring Wayne Rogers and Marriette Hartley.

    (1983) “Grace Kelly” A.B.C. Writer. Starring Cheryl Ladd.

    (1983) “Jane Doe” C.B.S. Co-writer. Starring Karen Valentine, William Devane, Eva Marie Saint.

    (1982) “Eleanor, First Lady of the World” C.B.S. Co-writer. Starring Jean Stapleton as Eleanor Roosevelt.

    (1982) “Not in Front of the Children” C.B.S. Writer. Starring Linda Gray and John Lithgow.

    (1981) “Leave ‘Em Laughing” CBS, Starring Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons and Anne Jackson. Directed by Jackie Cooper

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