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Fall Writing Classes

August 13, 2021

Hello Writers,

I’m sending you this announcement because either you have taken a writing or pitching class with me or you’ve at some point expressed interest in screenwriting. (or in my Writing the Waves Cruise.)

This September I am offering my Screenwriting Class that I have taught for many years, seven of them in the Masters Program of the UCLA Film School. The class covers everything from idea to finished script and beyond. We do scene cards, story boards, three act structure, format, character development, dialogue, exposition, relationships, and I even share my best insights for breaking into the business.

Many of my former students have gone on to sell screenplays. (The Mask, Thor, Face/Off, Child’s Play and many others.)

Click HERE to learn more and register for the Screenwriting Class>>>

The class will be held by Zoom on eight Saturdays from 9am to Noon Pacific time, beginning September 18th (skipping Oct. 23) through November 13th. The Class fee is $595 and includes a reading of your script by me with detailed notes. Class is limited to 23 writers, so if you are interested, click here to register!

For those of you who have already taken my Saturday class, you are eligible for my Master Class in which we read one script out loud each week written by one of you and acted by the class. Then I do notes and we workshop it in real time. This class is limited to 10 participants. It also costs $595 and will meet every Monday night from 7-10pm Pacific time on Zoom. Sept. 13th – Nov. 22, skipping Oct. 25.
Reply to this email to snag a spot in the Master Class!

Due to Covid, I won’t be doing the Writing the Waves Cruise in 2022, but plan to do one in 2023 if the world cooperates. 

I hope you all are writing your hearts out in this time of isolated life. 
Keep your spirits up. 

Love, Cynthia

P.S. If you run out of entertainment, I have a play reading on YouTube. Acting Counsel by C.S. Whitcomb. Zoomed starring Tobias Andersen and Tom Walton. Also a film on Disney+, Mark Twain and Me starring Jason Robards. It won the Emmy for best Children’s Program of its year. Enjoy.

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