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Warmth for a Winter’s Day

December 3, 2022

An update for you on this cold afternoon. 


Having grown weary (as we all have) of Zoom, I won’t be teaching my screenwriting classes this winter.  I am hopeful that by next fall (Sept. 2023) things will be even more improved on the pandemic front and I will be able to have classes here in the house again.  I will keep you posted about that.

Writing the Waves Cruise

I’m waiting to get an intuitive hit that it’s safe to go back on the water, but I haven’t had it yet.  Last month a news story of 800 people with covid on one ship makes me realize we have to wait.  Especially now that cruise lines are not even requiring that people be vaccinated.  So again, hoping for spring 2023.

All the rest of my news is happier.

Independent Studies

If you need someone to teach you one-on-one the craft of screenwriting or playwriting, I am available again this new year for Independent Studies.  For $1,000 you have access to me, my brain, my experience and my support for 100 days.  I did half a dozen of these one-on-ones in the last year and they went well.  So I’m here if  you need this kind of attention and teaching/coaching.  I also am happy to read and do notes on scripts for $500.  I have a two week turnaround on this.

A New Play

My farce The Ghost of David Belasco is in rehearsal now and will be produced at the Lakewood Theatre in Lake Oswego, Oregon from January 6 though February 12.  Come if you can.  You can find out more info or buy tickets at  Definitely say hello if you come.  I’m there at most performances.  I have short gray hair now, but otherwise recognizable. 

Published Plays

I have started publishing my plays and the first three volumes (of probably four) are available on  C.S. Whitcomb:  Plays One etc.  I think they will also come up if you type in Cynthia Whitcomb.  Each volume has four full-length plays in it.

A Film

I have a feature film shooting now, a documentary called Moms Rising directed by Scott Cervine.  It won’t be out for awhile, but I wanted you to know I still have a career in film if screenwriting is what you’re looking for.

Keep warm and keep in touch.
Here if you need me.

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  1. Judy Fors permalink
    December 3, 2022 12:41 am

    Wonderful update, all things considered. Looking forward to reading your plays!

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